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We continue to create durable and aesthetic structures using all types of engineering communications that will meet the needs of people in a way that justifies your trust. We identify the needs of the changing age and work as a building contractor to build the structures that are right for you.

Construction contracts

What is construction contracting services?

Trade in construction is the basis for the provision of services under construction contracts. Purchase and sale of land, purchase and construction of buildings, purchase and sale of apartments, finishing and sale of buildings, mutual agreements with legal entities and individuals, construction, installation and commissioning of buildings in exchange for apartments, construction projects, restoration work and construction contracts all this can be called trade in construction services.

We are working hard to transform your city and your country. We build warm houses where you can safely live in conditions that meet all standards.

The turnkey construction contracting service means that all works and operations are carried out by a construction company or an authorized company. In addition, all architectural and technical issues, from feasibility studies to building design, are handled from a single source.

Home World Alanya has a well-deserved reputation and a special place among general contractors working in the construction industry as contractors for prestigious buildings and projects.


Home World Alanya is also engaged in the restoration and renovation of old buildings under turnkey general contracting services, as well as providing services for the reconstruction of both external and internal parts of these buildings.


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