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Sightseeing Trips


On a four-day real estate trip * with HOME WORLD ALANYA, you will get to know the properties of your choice and your future country of residence better.


  • Find your dream property in Turkey
  • Request your free transfer from the airport and your accommodation (at least 3-star hotels)
  • Book your plane tickets


Please talk to us first about the desired travel date and only book your flight after you have confirmed the date. This is the only way we can ensure that your preferred appointments are in accordance with our schedule and that you alone receive our full attention.

Program Sequence

1 day

  • Arrival: Antalya Airport (or alternative airport)
  • Airport transfer to the hotel
  • Dinner at the hotel

2 day

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Pick-up at the agreed time: You visit our Home World Alanya office where we will inform you about

   our properties. We will put together an attractive selection based on your wishes and ideas. Then 

    we start with a city tour, after which we visit the properties of your choice.

  • Lunch in a selected restaurant
  • Freshly strengthened, the property tour continues
  • After you have looked at your favorite properties in Turkey, we will bring you back to the hotel.

   Your day ends there with a delicious dinner, which you can look back on in peace and quiet.

3rd day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Feedback which of the objects is / are of particular interest to you.
  • Lunch in the selected restaurant.
  • Detailed information about buying and processing in Turkey. There is also the possibility to meet with a representative of the construction company. Then we will drive you back to your hotel.
  • Dinner and end of the day in the hotel.

Day 4

  • Transfer to the airport
  • Departure: e.g. from the airport in Antalya

Comprehensive services

Home World Alanya Reisen are individually tailored to you – you will only be shown properties that really meet your individual criteria and will absolutely inspire you. Our real estate agents not only have local knowledge, but also advise you competently on all aspects or questions about the apartment offers in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, İzmir, etc. In addition to the property viewing, our Home World Alanya staff will guide you to interesting places to offer you a To give a foretaste of the local way of life.

Home World Alanya sightseeing tours include round-trip flights, transfers from / to the airport in Turkey and three nights’ hotel accommodation with half board. If you buy a property in Turkey, Home World Alanya will cover the accommodation and flight costs. Please note that the maximum number of travelers is limited to two people.

Would you like to find out more about our real estate trip, which is tailor-made for you, or would you like to book immediately? Do not hesitate to contact us directly via the contact form or the chat.

* Home World Alanya reimburses your accommodation and accommodation costs for a maximum of two people only when the purchase is made.

* In the event that you do not purchase a property through HOME WORLD ALANYA during a real estate trip, you are obliged to cover all costs for the flight, transfer and accommodation.

Before Sale After Sale

Purchasing your dream property from Home World Alanya gives you the privilege to benefit from our exclusive “before and after sales” services. Our aim is to establish lifetime relationships with our customers. Our after sales services will be an ongoing process as long as you own your property.

Before Sales Services

Arrange viewing tours to find your dream property.

Explaining to you the purchasing procedures in detail to erase all the question marks in your mind.

We do our best to find the optimal investment and an enjoyable asset for you.

Assisting you to get a mortgage from a Turkish bank if required.

Preparing all the legal documents and the sales contract under camera and voice recording.

Arranging an appointment with a Lawyer (Solicitor) if required.

Assistance and guidance on your property tax matters.

Arranging appointments with notary public for power of attorney and a translator for your convenience.

After Sales Services

Assisting you to get your tax number from the Tax Office.

Assisting you to open a bank account and informing you about the local banking system.

Assisting you to get the appraisal report by providing an English speaking SPK validated expert.

Registration of the property under your name at the municipality.

Registering for electricity, water and phone line. See expenses…

Recommendation on buying furniture in Alanya and all other house appliances.

Advice on property insurance (theft, earthquake, storm, etc…)

Open a Bank Account

Many foreigners are coming to Turkey for buying a property and making an investment. The initial step for foreigners when buying a property is, opening a bank account in Turkey. Normally, it is a simple and straightforward process. The main difficulty that foreigners might face in this process is the lack of language. Do not worry! We assist our clients to open their bank account as at any stage of property purchasing with Home World Alanya.

At the registration, you need your passport (most of the banks ask for notary approved passport translation), tax ID number and address proof document. The address can be prooved by residence permit (İkamet Tezkeresi) or utility bill on your name. This utility bill might be even from your country. They need to see your name and your house address on the bill.

Having a good relationship with your bank is important. We recommend our clients to work with only one bank so that they can establish a good relationship with their bank. The more transaction you make through a bank, the better you will be known by the bank and the more you will be welcomed.

There are a number of benefits of having a bank account in Turkey. Some of these are;

  • You can transfer your money from your country to your own account in Turkey whenever you need it.
    • You can make automatic payment orders for your utility bills.
    • You don’t have to carry cash with you, you can use your debit card for payments.
    • Turkish banks provide high interest for your savings when you invest in Turkish Lira.


Q: What are the necessary documents to open a bank account?
A: Required documents to open a bank account are as follows:

  • Passport
    • Turkish Tax ID Number.
    • Proof of address – A utility bill of the last three months where your name and home address are written. If the utility bill is not in Latin characters, banks ask for notarized translations.

Q: Is there a cost of opening a bank account in Turkey?
A: No. You do not need to pay when opening a bank account in Turkey.

Q: How long does it take to open a bank account in Turkey?
A: After getting a tax ID number at the tax office, it takes about two hours time to get your tax ID number monitored at banks. It takes less than one hour to open a bank account if your documents are ready.

Q: Which banks in Turkey can I have a bank account at?
A: You can open a bank account at any bank in Turkey.

Q: Are there mobile applications of Turkish banks?
A: Yes, all banks have their mobile applications, even they are available in English.

  1. Which currencies can I have in my bank account?
    A:You can open a bank account in all currencies in Turkey.

Q: What is the SWIFT code?
A: SWIFT is an abbreviation of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Each bank has its own unique swift code. Therefore, each swift code is a unique bank account registration ID. If you transfer money abroad, a SWIFT number is enough to define the receiver’s bank account at the international level.

Q: What is the IBAN number?
A: IBAN number is a combination of swift code and bank account number of the receiver. You need an IBAN number for each money transfer.

Q: What information do I need to transfer money from abroad to Turkey?
A: Required information to transfer money to Turkey is as follows;

Receiver’s full name:
Receiver’s full address:
Bank & branch name:
Receiver bank address:
Receiver’s IBAN number:

Q: Can I withdraw my money the same day as it drops in my account in Turkey?
A: Yes, your money does not have to wait at the bank for any period. However, it is crucial that you inform the bank the day before you want to withdraw your money for amounts over 50.000 TL.

Q: Is there any difference between state banks and private banks in terms of security?
A: No. All banks are under state guarantee.



Real Estate Valuation

It is compulsory to have an appraisal (valuation) report on each foreign property sales (soon every sale in Turkey) since 15.02.2019. The report is prepared by two authenticated and SPK validated appraisers. One of them checks the plans, the registry info at the municipality and the Tapu (title deed) office. They visit the property to ensure that you buy the one which is shown to you. The controller double-checks whether the house price comparisons and registry are correct. Both are sworn valuation experts under oath.

The government wants to have the market value of the property rather than relying on declaration value. Previously a seller would declare much lower sales amount in order to avoid paying higher conveyance tax. Therefore a valuation report is used as an indicator of the property for tax calculation.

Real Estate Valuation Method

If you consider buying a property in Turkey, you need to be sure about the value of the property that you will buy. There are 2 types of appraisal reports; Real Estate Valuation and Project Valuation with a feasibility report.

real estate valuation report contains:

– The title deed information,
– Location on map and location information,
– Actual photos,
– Similar property prices,
– Price prediction of the property
– Checking the debt condition, technical condition checks at the municipality and at Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate.

property appraisal report may contain more qualifications and conditions according to your demand and property features. Experts prepare your appraisal reports generally one of below three different methods depending on the qualification of the real estate:

Comparison of the Precedents Method – The property is compared between several similar properties

Income Method – Considering the net income flow of a property

Cost Method – Rebuilding of the same structure under present economic conditions


Real Estate Appraisal Report in Turkey

Home World Alanya is co-operating with independent appraisal experts licensed by Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu. Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu means Capital Market Board – the Highest regulation authority of financing and banking in Turkey. We call them SPK validated experts in Turkey. These experts are authorized for real estate valuation in Turkey and project valuation in Turkey.

We can supply you with accurate valuation reports all around Turkey. Appraisers are authorized and licensed to prepare below kinds of reports;

– House/villa valuation or apartment valuation,
– Commercial buildings, offices, stores, shopping mall valuation and shop valuation,
– Agricultural land, plots, parcels and land valuation,
– Hotel valuation,
– Urban Renewal valuation (Kentsel Dönüşüm Değerleme),
– Mine valuation, Gas Station valuation,
– A ship, Marine, Yacht valuation, Airplane, Plane valuation,
– Trade Mark valuation,
– Company valuation.

Project Valuation with Feasibility Report in Turkey

You have a project and you want to know how to achieve the most efficient manner to develop it. Project valuation is prepared again by real estate experts which supply a feasibility report in Turkey.

A feasibility report contains:

– Financial analysis,
– Project expenditure cash flow,
– Project income flow,
– Legal due diligence,
– Legal permission and allowances,
– Ownership rights,
– Construction permits.

project valuation will let you understand if your investment is feasible or not. You might need a feasibility report for below investment projects:

– Land investments,
– Hotel investments,
– Commercial and Shopping Mall investments,
– Residential and Housing Development investments,
– Agricultural investments with crop & harvest analysis,
– Industrial investments.

As an example; you may like to develop a hotel project or to buy an existing hotel in Turkey. When you order this project appraisal report, you will receive the below information:

– Land price appraisal, the title deed information and location on map and location information,
– Checking the debt condition, technical condition check at the municipality and at General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre,
– Project development cost,
– Construction cost and Operating cost,
– The financial report which contains income and expenditure flow,
– Suggestions to achieve most feasible investment and alternative projects

Report Delivery & Expertise Areas in Turkey

When you purchase a property with Home World Alanya, we help you to arrange this document as our sales service in 2 days. As we assure you to give Best Price Guarantee, all our property offers on our website have pre-valuation reports.

A property valuation report takes 3 days in the metropolitan cities of Turkey. Other cities may take an additional 3 days time (total 6 days). Hotel valuation report takes approximately 15 days time depending on the city.

You may ask report delivery time for other reports like project valuation and feasibility, land price appraisal, business valuation, brand mark appraisal, etc. These reports may take 2 weeks time up to 1 month time.

Please contact us directly to get a price and time quote for the real estate valuation report and project feasibility report.


Q: Do I need an appraisal report?
A: If you purchase a property in Turkey as a foreigner, it is compulsory to have an appraisal report to get your title deed at General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu Office).

Q: How long does it take to prepare the appraisal report?
A: When you demand a professional appraisal report, the experts check the property themselves. They take the photos, control the registry at the Tapu office. Lastly, they check the registered plans at the municipality. Experts collect comparison prices. A report contains between 20 and 35 pages. It takes 2 days to prepare.

Q: How may I find an SPK validated expert?
A: After you select a property with Home World , we directly arrange you an expert for fast and reliable service.

Q: How much does a report cost?
 The cost of SPK validated appraisal report varies depending on the city and features of the property. You can visit our up-to-date expenses page for detailed information.

Q: How much do you charge for your service fee?
A: Zero. Home World gives this service free of charge to its customers.

Q: How long is a valuation report valid?
A: According to the property law, the Tapu office wants it not older than 3 months. In case the report validation time passes, we help our clients to renew it free of charge after 3 months.

Q: What does SPK mean?
A: SPK is an abbreviation of Capital Market Board which means Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu in Turkish. It is the highest regulation authority of financing, stock exchange and banking in Turkey.

Q: What happens if the valuation of the property is different than I buy?
A: Real Estate Valuation Department is established under the Land Registry and Cadastre according to the presidential decree dated 5.2.2019. The valuation report and property sale price statistics is very new for Turkey. We are now at a very early period. As we do not have a large database, the accuracy of the reports may differ up to %20

Get a TAX ID

Get a Tax Identification Number in Turkey

A tax number is the essential ID number for each registration and financial transaction in Turkey. All Turkish citizen’s ID numbers are automatically their tax ID numbers. A Tax Identification Number is a ten-digit number assigned to individuals.

Foreigners should have a tax number for; opening a bank account, buying a property, subscribing for utility services, issuing insurance, getting health services, doing notarial processes, applying for residence permits, etc.

Getting a Tax ID number is an easy application. You should go to any local tax office and apply for it. The only documents you need for this transaction are “your original passport” and “copy of your passport”. Registration is free of charge. After registration, your tax number is also monitored at the screens of all Turkish financial institutions including banks, which means you will be able to open a bank account, too.

This transaction usually takes around fifteen minutes. After you receive your tax ID number, you can open your bank account and carry out your official transaction


Q: Where can I get a tax ID number?
A: There are tax offices in every city and its districts in Turkey, you can get a tax ID number by going to one of them.

Q: What documents will I need to get a tax ID number in Turkey?
 Your original passport and one copy of it will be enough to get a tax ID number in Turkey.

Q: Why is the tax ID number necessary?
A: It is your unique registration number which will be used in all registration applications in your daily life in Turkey. You must have a tax ID number for buying and selling processes and financial transactions including:

  • Opening a bank account,
    • Title deed transactions,
    • Power of attorney transactions,
    • Residence permit application,
    • Insurance,
    • All sorts of tax payments,
    • Water and electricity subscriptions.

Q: Is there a cost to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey?
A: No. You can get a tax number without any cost in Turkey.

Q: Can I get a tax ID number in Turkey if I go to the tax office on my own?
A: Yes. However, Home World Alanya customers do not need that. It is a part of our free after-sale services.

Q: What happens if I lose my tax ID number?
A: You can have it reprinted by going to the tax office.

Q: How long is a tax ID number valid?
A: You can use your tax number without a time limit once you obtain it.

Q: Do I need to pay tax if I get a tax number?
A: Getting the tax number is free of charge. You pay these property-related taxes; like income tax, annual property tax and conveyance tax.


Title Deed Transfer

Title Deed (Tapu) Transfer

Home World Alanya offers a service that proves that you are the rightful owner of the property. The transfer process is carried out through a title deed (Tapu in Turkish). Once you have signed all the sales and transfer documents, all the necessary documents are forwarded to the Title Deeds Registry Office by Home World Alanya’ expert sales agent. Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present for title deed transfer personally. Both the seller and buyer (or person acting as your proxy) meet at the Title Deeds Office at the appointed time. And title deed transfer takes place in the presence of a sworn translator.

The process of title deed transfer is as follows;

– All the documents needed for registering the property transfer are prepared.
– After the documents are prepared, all the necessary information is forwarded to the Title Deeds Registry Office.
– On the day of transfer, the buyer pays all the amount and the office gets the ownership of the property.

Foreigners usually complete the process of title deed transfer in roughly 3 to 5 days, because of money transfer from foreign accounts.

After signing title deeds, we help you to transfer subscriptions like water, gas and electricity from the previous owner on your name. This is done very easily, safely and quickly.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance in Alanya, Turkey

You want to enjoy the benefits of property ownership in Turkey. You can make sure that you can truly relax with this insurance package. Property insurance in Alanya, Turkey secures your home in one insurance policy from fire to flood, theft to the earthquake. This package has many extra covers compared to the standard property insurance product.

Property Insurance Covers Damages from;

Fire, lightning, explosion, theft, strike, riot, civil commotion, flood, vehicle and aircraft impact, internal water, smoke, storm, heavy snow, landslide, inflation, common property cover, painting and whitewash made by tenants, direct damage from fuel leakings, accidental breakage for home furnishings, personal accident insurance, third party liability insurance, private sports equipment insurance, insurance for legal protection, removing expenses, rent cover and expenses for post-earthquake, covers for outdoor trees and decoration plants, new value clause for home furnishing, home and emergency assistance.

Optional Choices of Property Insurance in Turkey

Earthquake and volcanic eruption, sea vehicles impact, glass breakdown, electronic equipment insurance, liability arising from fire, explosion, loss of rent, expenses for the removing your place because of loss, liability arising from fire and explosion.

1 bedroom apartment about 90 Euro

2 bedroom apartment about 120 Euro

3 bedroom apartment about 150 Euro

Villas about 220 Euro

Insurance costs depends on m² and declared value prices. Prices above given above are examples based on the current rates but will vary with each property to another property in Alanya.


What is DASK?

DASK (Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu) is an obligatory earthquake insurance polis. You may not get a new water or electricity abonnement without this obligatory insurance of the property in Turkey. The other insurance covers earthquake risk after DASK polis.

Furniture Tour

Furniture Tour and Home Decoration

Do you know how you will decorate your dream house at an affordable price after your purchase? Finding the right furniture is one of the hardest processes for your home abroad. Our company helps you to find the first-class materials for your home.

What is the Furniture Service?

Furniture service is one of the after-sale services that Home World Alanya offers to its customers. This service ensures you to buy the right furniture for your newly-built property. When we finalize the property purchase process, our sales team helps you to buy furniture and decorate your home quickly by meeting you with the right suppliers. We are always there for you during this time also.

How Do We Provide the Furniture Service?

Our company cooperates with many quality and reliable furniture companies in the region. Firstly, we determine the furniture that you need according to the house. After that, we make the research in catalogs, websites and among companies according to your budget. We follow the best campaigns, opportunities and trendy products.

We help you to buy the white goods, kitchen appliances, electric appliances, living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, home accessories, decoration materials, sitting groups, beds, sofas, and lighting fixtures of your desired quality and budget. And, we do not get a commission from these deals.

With the help of Home World Alanya after sales service, you can decorate your home as fast as possible. As a result, you save time and money.

Home World Alanya is proud to give service based on customers’ 100% happiness with the professional sales team. If you want to find the right furniture for your dream home, please contact us for more details.

Sell Your Property

Sell Your Property in Turkey

If you have a property in Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Alanya or Istanbul,and want to sell it, get in touch with us today. As the leading real estate company in Turkey, we have a good reputation and years of experience in buying and selling homes since our company’s foundation in 2011.

Why Home World Alanya for Selling Your Property?

Maximum Visibility

Your property will be visible to everyone who searches for a property as it will be published on our company websites plus major portals. Our company websites have thousands of visitors from all over the world every day. Making your real estate highly visible to buyers will bring the chance to sell your property sooner than you expect.

International Buyers

Besides the local language, we are publishing your property in 10 different languages. Our professional team of agents speaks over 20 languages. Thus, your property can be bought not only by Turkish buyers but also by foreign buyers from many countries. So, be ready for international buyers.

Professional Advertising

Real estate advertisement is a serious work that requires techniques and experience. Our professional photographer will take photos and our editor team will write descriptions that will bring out the best aspects of your property.


One-Stop Agency

You will get all the services at one stop:

Tailored Marketing: Your property will be recommended to buyers whose expectations are the same as your property’s features. Also, all questions regarding your real estate will be answered by our agents on your behalf.

Key Holding: Your keys will be safe in our office in case you do not have the time to accompany all viewing tours.

Official Paperworks: You will get support from our experienced team for official paperwork.

Viewing Organisations: Viewing tours will be organized for your property by our agents.

Filtrating Non-Serious Buyers: We will filtrate the non-serious buyers to save your time.

Valuation Report

It is compulsory to have an appraisal report on each foreign property sales since 15.02.2019. You will have the real value of your property with our experienced team that works with real market data. Also, we will arrange the property appraisal report which is compulsory for foreign buyers.

100% Happiness & Zero Failure

We have completed thousands of property sales with zero failure. You will benefit from our company’s experience to sell your property without any trouble. Our experience brings the best results for both seller and buyer sides.


Procedures for Selling a Property in Turkey

1: We need to see all relevant documents related to your apartment or villa including the title deeds, and habitation certificate. At the time of selling, the home must be debt-free, for the land registry office to allow the transaction, so make sure all taxes are up to date, and bank loans and/or mortgages are paid in full.

2: We will come and see the property to give a realistic selling price. To maximize your profit, and make your home more marketable, complete all maintenance jobs, and paint the interior if needed.

3: If we mutually agree to market your home, we will take photos and add them to our website. You will need to make yourself available for viewing trips, sometimes at short notice. If you don’t live in Turkey, leave the keys with a trusted holder for us to contact them instead.

4: Upon finding a buyer, we will arrange the entire process and keep you updated throughout including the deposit stages and signing over the deeds.

What is the Cost of Selling My Property?

If you have owned the property for five years or more, you are exempt from income tax. We charge estate agent fees for completing the process, and you will also need to fund individual costs like making sure all bills are paid up to date.

For more information and details on how to sell your property in Turkey, fill in the form on the left-hand side, and our Portfolio Supervisor will get in touch with you. Alternatively, email a copy of your title deeds, photos and further information to


 How Can I Sell My Property in Turkey?

1.Call us or send an e-mail

2.We expertise your home

3.We make your an offer

4.You receive your cash or List for sale on our website



Q: How long will it take to sell my property?
A: Most fundamentally, a property’s sales period is determined by the price. The average sale of a property priced in accordance with market conditions takes between 3-6 months. We guarantee that we will carry out effective marketing activities that we are responsible for during our agreement. However, selling a portfolio may not necessarily be the result of doing our job right. The general situation of the real estate market is not exactly within our sphere of influence. For a faster sale, pricing should be below market expectations.

Q: Do I have to accompany the viewing tours?
A: No. If you are too busy to join the viewing tours or you are not in the city, you can leave your keys with us. In this case, our agents will do the viewing tours and they will answer the questions on your behalf.

Q: What is the correct price for my property?
A: Our team of local experts will recommend the correct price for your property. We know the locations, real value of the properties, and the backgrounds of the constructions in our service areas. So, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge to set a fair and correct price.

Q: Will there be too many viewing tours for my real estate?
A: There will be a lot of requests. However, our job is to understand the potential buyers’ expectations. If the customer’s expectation does not match the features of your property or they are not serious buyers, we will not organize a viewing tour for your property. We respect everyone’s time.

Q: How does the process work when someone wants to buy my property?
A: We invite you and the buyer to our office to determine the terms of the agreement. A sales agreement which includes all terms of the agreement is signed by both parties with a deposit payment and title deed applications begin.

Q: When will I receive the full payment?
A: Full payment for real estate sales is done on the title deed transfer day, just before the final signatures as customers in Turkey.

Q: Can I sell my home with furniture?
A: Yes. Some of our portfolios are furnished apartments and villas.

Q: What kind of properties does Home World Alanya sell?
A: We sell all kinds of properties; apartments, villas, commercial properties, lands, and hotels.

Q: I don’t want to hang a “For Sale Board”. Does this cause a problem?
A: If you want, we will not hang a “For-Sale Board”. However, researches show that these boards increase the viewing tour requests by up to 20%.

Q: I can advertise my property online and I can hang a board by myself. What’s the advantage of working with a real estate agent?
A: Buyers view professional advertisements 200% more than individual advertisings. Besides, you have to welcome many unrelated calls and messages to filtrate the non-serious customers. Also, buyers aim to work with professional agents to avoid potential disputes. These reasons are some of the most important of many others.

Lawyer and Solicitor Supports

English Speaking Lawyers in Turkey

If you purchase a property in Turkey, Home World Alanya has its own property sales agreement which is prepared by company lawyers. We act as a referee between the seller and buyer on each sale, we only want to finish the deal professionally. We prepare a customized agreement for each sale which was the titles are decided by our lawyers. When we add a property, we check the reputation of the company. We guarantee you that you buy property directly from the owner himself/herself. As we make thousands of agreements yearly with “Zero Failure” success, we are confident.

We respect if you say “Trust is good, but control is better.” We have a list of an independent lawyer speaking different languages as well as English where you may select your lawyer.

What Do Lawyers Do?

There are common checks of the property for a secure purchase that solicitors and lawyers do.

  1. Legal Research of the Property

Property buying may vary from country to country. There are not the same rules and standards in every country. As you are not purchasing frequently property in Turkey, we advise you to purchase by a trusted estate agency that has several offices and long years of experience like Home World Alanya.

The most important part of buying real estate is to contact the correct party and understanding that the seller is selling the correct property that he is showing you. Lawyers may guarantee these issues and your money with a Due Diligence Report.

  1. a)When you decide to purchase an estate solicitor makes the initial checks in the Title Deedregistration office to cover if there is:
  • Basement
  • Mortgage debt
  • Lien
  • Tax debt
  • Other debts and charges
  • If it is freehold or not
  • Checking the ownership fact of the property as written on the title deed
  1. b)Solicitors also examine these related licenses:
  • Building license
  • Planning permits
  1. Reservation Contract and Deposit Payment

The reservation contract secures the property in the client’s name and confirms the agreed sales price and terms. It also shows that the payment made as deposit payment secures the agreed terms on the contract.

  1. Property Purchasing Contract in Turkey
  • If there is a reservation contract that includes the agreed terms by the parties the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to this.
  • If there has not been a prepared contract and agreed terms the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to the satisfaction of all parties with legitimizing the requests of them.
  • If there has already been a drafted contract, the solicitor shall review the contract to ensure that does not damage the rights of the client and fully legal.

Solicitors Fee in Turkey

Our customers, who prefer Home World Alanya, do not need a lawyer for the purchasing process. Our sales agreements are prepared and approved by our company lawyers. We are experts in real estate sales to foreigners and title deed transfer. We do our job with zero failure since 2004. Your money is under Home World Alanya’s expertise guarantee and experience.

However, since the citizenship process is more intricate, we recommend that you complete your process with a lawyer. We provide a list of several independent English-speaking lawyers for you to choose from.

The lawyer fee for the citizenship process is 2.500 USD + 18% VAT. This fee may vary depending on the lawyer and purchasing process details for your case and the legal entities.

How to Avoid Inconveniences

When buying a property, if the seller or your real estate agent is not trustable, you might have problems at the end of the day. Since you do not know how the property purchasing process works in a foreign country, controlling the process may be difficult and this may result in undesired consequences. In such cases, a solicitor can avoid inconveniences. However, there are good real estate agencies in Turkey that will complete the buying process without disputes. You can prefer dealing with a professional real estate agent to prevent solicitor fees. You can contact us to buy a property in Turkey with “Zero Failure”.

Subscriptions and Utility Abonnements

Subscriptions and Utility Abonnements

Home World Alanya also gives after-sale services for your dream home following the termination of your purchase process. Our after-sales services are valid only for our customers. After buying a property, you will have your own title deed document. Then, we will help you to get subscriptions for electricity, water, gas, and internet, etc. At this point, we will advise you on the easiest and best ways to pay your household bills. When you hand a Power of Attorney to us, Home World Akanya can also get all the subscriptions on your behalf.

DASK (Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool): This is an obligatory earthquake insurance policy. Compulsory earthquake insurance is a state-provided assurance, and it’s valid for only one year in the beginning. Then, the insurance contract must be renewed every year before the end of the policy period.

You must first have a DASK insurance policy for subscriptions such as electricity, water and gas in Turkey. You can get it from the nearest insurance agent or from the bank. The insurance fee depends on the size of your property. The average fee ranges between 100 TL to 150 TL.

Required Information and Documents for DASK policy

  • Your personal tax ID number
    • Personal phone number (valid in Turkey)
    • Full address of your property
    • The construction year of your property
    • The number of floors of your property
    • Name and surname of the property owner

After concluding your DASK policy, you may apply for your subscriptions such as electricity, water and gas.

Electricity Subscription

Electricity is supplied by private companies in Turkey. First, you should apply the customer service of the company from which you are going to buy the electricity. Then you need to pay fees to complete your contract.

The average electricity abonnement fee is between 250 TL to 500 TL.

Required Information and Documents for Electricity Subscription

  • DASK policy
    • The copy of your title deed
    • Occupancy permit
    • Your personal tax ID number
    • The original and the copy of passport
    • Personal phone number

If all required documents are completed, you may get the subscriptions within 2 days.

Water Subscription

Water is supplied by the local municipalities in Turkey. For example, ASAT (Antalya Water and Sewage System Directorate) is entitled to the new water subscriptions and other related works in Alanya

When you apply for the new water abonnement, you have to pay the average subscription fee of 600-700 TL.

Required Information and Documents for Water Subscription

  • DASK policy
    • The copy of the title deed
    • Occupancy permit
    • The original and the copy of passport
    • Personal phone number

If all required documents are completed, you may get the subscriptions within 3 days.

Internet Subscription

The Internet is supplied by private companies in Turkey. Superonline and Turk Telecom are widespread and well-known suppliers of the Turkish market. Internet companies provide your internet connection within three days on average.

Required Information and Documents for Internet Subscription

  • Full address of your property
    • Residence permit document
    • Personal phone number

Following your application with this information, a message will be sent to your phone. You can pay the fee with the user number in this message to the authorized banks or internet branches. The average fee depends on the company that provides the internet.

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